North Bend Central Elementary

Here are some sites you may be interested in. If you try a site, feel free to leave a comment about using it. Your experiences may help others.

Learn your tables Interactive way to learn math facts.
K-5 Web Resources This is a work in progress. Click on the grade levels on the far right to select your area.
Wacky Web Tales This site has students give words that are specific parts of speech. Those words are then placed into a story.

Kideos This web site has videos that simulate the YouTube format for video except it places the videos in a kid-safe environment.

Kindernet Kid-safe internet

Games/Stories for Kids This site has some short stories that can be downloaded as an mp3 and can be played on an iPod/mp3 player or computer. There is a warning that there is not complete control on the links on the games, so be a little careful with the games.

Smartboard Activities for Elementary Classroom

Online Autumn Revival
This site has cute ideas for incorporating autumn into your lessons.

Migrating Monarchs
Part of the Journey North project, this activity has kids coloring "butterflies" and sending them with messages to Mexico. In the Spring you will receive butterflies back from the south.

Smilebox Use this site to create slide shows using pictures from your classroom.

Elementary Language Arts Ideas Many ideas on teaching and reinforceing writing and reading skills. It says "elementary" but I think there are some sites that could be used in junior or senior high.

EZ School - Proofread, Edit, and Rewrite web page that has links to worksheets to use. Idea for teaching keyboarding.

Proofreading - Good resource for teaching proofreading skills in elementary keyboarding.

KidRex - A kid-safe search engine.

Trees Are Terrific (for ages 5-8)

Museum of Animal Perspectives Uses Google Maps to select short video clips of animals in their natural environments.